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Nutrition Statement-Miriam P. Dineen PA-C

WHAT A WONDERFUL piece of work! The book, Body Wisdom-Natural Health in you™, is great, a labor of love that will help so many people. In this overly medicated world, there is an unfortunate tendency and urgency to seek medication for any ailment that occurs.  What’s often forgotten is the power of food as medicine. The use of nutritional healing through food has been in place thousands of years before the invention of pharmaceuticals.  It is now far too common that the traditional practice of healing through food is overshadowed by the mainstream approach of popping pills to cover up symptoms without ever addressing the root cause.  The good news is that we can learn how to eat to fuel our bodies and optimize our health.

The act of eating is a dynamic process. When we consume nutrients, vitamins and minerals, we are sending signals throughout the body. We have the ability to control or cause inflammation, enhance detoxification, repair and build, and even alter the expression of our genes.

This book allows you to start where you are on your nutritional journey, empowering you to create a plan with accountability. The recipes, worksheets and behavior modification techniques in this book bring us full circle to the way our bodies are designed to eat, thrive and survive. 

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Paperback)

This is a must-read! The author is very personable and motivational throughout the book. The recipes come with a visual and are easy to prepare. There are also many other visuals such as list and charts that are easy to follow and understand. The author provides a step-by-step process of how to effectively rid a person’s body of harmful toxins by reading labels and eating healthy.

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Kindle Edition)

My family has avoided gluten and cow milk products for years, and this book provides delicious new recipes to try. I love the fact that the author provides info on where to buy new products. I ordered the paleo wraps from Amazon and used them for tacos a couple days ago. My son loved them! Much healthier than the corn tortillas we’ve used in the past. I LOVE this book!

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Paperback)

Great book! It has definitely changed my outlook and life.

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Paperback)

Who knew that learning to prepare healthy meals can be such fun? This ingenious book helps you to create food that is both scrumptious and good for you. Glorious color pictures of mouth-watering dishes abound. The recipes are easy to follow. Parent alert: You can even sneak veggies into delicious desserts! A pleasure to read, Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You is full of inspiring culinary insights. It made me want to cook, and even more, to eat. Highly recommended.

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Paperback)

Mrs. Beatrice Hair was concerned for her health and realized that her lifestyle was overloaded with chemicals. She started by eliminating sugar and toxins in her food. Then she created a new life free of toxic feelings, toxic products, toxic make-up, etc. She did much research on the subject and does a great job of condensing ample information into a simplified form. She had fun learning how to not feel deprived in the process; and will help you do the same. This book is designed to customize a program that will be individualized for each reader.

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Paperback)

This book offers common sense advice about how to live a more healthy lifestyle by improving the quality of what you eat. This has worked for me personally for many years. What makes this book special is that it gives straightforward advice that does not require a tremendous amount of time and money. You do not have to invest in hundreds of dollars’ worth of special equipment or grow your own food to follow this book’s advice. The format is appealing and the recipes are, too. Well worth the money.

This review is from: Body Wisdom: Natural Health in You (Paperback)

I can’t say enough good things about this eclectic collection of helpful and heathy information from Beatrice!  I have personally served her chocolate recipe at my own Christmas party! With more and more deserved attention towards the benefits of making wiser decisions in your daily life, this book provides excellent alternatives, suggestions, and food for thought to help you live a better life.  I can’t wait for her next edition to come out!

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Natural Health in You, Bodywork Wisdom is the perfect title for this book–from detoxifying your kitchen to getting organized. This book will allow you to open your eyes to a world of healthy food that is out of this world. Great substitutes for the bad stuff that you may be used to eating and identifying other options that will create a more healthier you. I have personally shared food from this book that my tasters just loved. Don’t cook? The instructions on the recipes are very easy to read and follow. NO EXCUSES for better health, Body Wisdom: Natural Health in you is your path to a healthy life. THANK YOU MRS. BEATRICE HAIR FOR SHARING WITH US THIS WONDERFUL BOOK.

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I believe Beatrice Hair has made a complicated topic (natural nontoxic gourmet eating) very easily understandable and fun. It’s time for people to WAKE UP and realize that they must become aware of all the toxicity around us in our everyday lives. It’s creating so much disease and suffering. If you care about the health of your family you’ll begin learn about how to live a less toxic life and create a shield around yourself and your family. The knowledge in this book could save lives! Fantastic job Beatrice!!

Paperback Verified

It is a great planner, contains a good overview of healthy eating with lots of valuable resources to assist in further research. I loved several of the recipes. For me, as a recent convert to vegan and a new way of eating, I was able to find several good tips to add to my existing program. For one, I have been using soy sauce and some other “low-salt” ingredients that I knew were not good for me. I have become motivated to find alternatives.

Format: Paperback

I received this book as a gift. The prologue of the book answers many questions people have about nutrition. It also has a positive reinforcement section with workbook exercises. Not many cookbooks have chapters that provide easy ways to detox your kitchen. It is really helpful. I especially like the antioxidant chart and a list of foods that fight inflammation. Anyway, the most important things are the recipes. All the recipes are good, but I especially like the paleo tacos, the chicken crepes, the chocolate mousse and the almond stir fry. This is a “must-have” for a healthy kitchen.