Yoga on the Beach -September 13th

Yoga  on the Beach — last class of the season on Sellers Street at 6:30 PM. We have raised $450.00 of Hospice. Bring your beach towel, $10.00 for Hospice and your self-love. See you September 13th!

Yoga helps your body in more ways than you can imagine. It helps you with balance and strengthening your stomach muscles. We get tight by sitting too much and building up tension in our muscles. Yoga helps stretch your muscles and relaxes them. Many people report better sleep after an evening Yoga class.

Restorative sleep helps your body replenish and repair any muscle damage. It helps with mood and stress management.

Yoga is wonderful for total health when combined with proper hydration, clean organic food right from earth, proper rest, great stress management and for overall well-being. Our bodies are bombarded daily with toxic stress, environmental toxins, toxins in our food, toxins in our homes, and toxic people. Yoga can be a great counter to all the stress!

Learn more about Shannon Miller’s offerings from her Facebook. She offers yoga, massage and Yoga Nidra. Learn all about this amazing way to cultivate stillness in your mind and body. Yoga Nidra is amazing as it takes into deeper and deeper levels of consciousness.

Learn more about Body Wisdom Natural Health in You on Facebook or This program has been built on the premise that no two bodies are the same. All health classes help students learn about us their own individual health needs in a customized one-on-one class.

Health classes are offered one-on-one at your home, at our office  or via Facetime. Most classes are 8 weeks in duration with complete support. Habits are modified and new fun, creative ways to stay healthy are created. Classes are offered for dealing with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, reversing Type 2 Diabetes, cancer or cancer prevention and much more.

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