Yoga on the Beach

Why would you want to do yoga on the beach? There are many studies that show that better chemicals run through your body when your bare feet are actually making contact with the earth. So if earthing your feet is good for you, imagine the final relaxation (corpse pose) right there on the sand– a light summer breeze blowing the bugs away, the gentle sound of the lapping ocean waves and the distant sounds of seagulls and children laughing! All this happens when you are actually grounded on the earth, and after you have released the stress in your muscles.
In addition, the sand is slightly destabilizing. Why is this good? Because anytime you are destabilized, you are working those core muscles. Yes, the ones that will give you that flat tummy that our culture values so much. All that, without ever having to do one dreaded sit-up.
Another reason to share your quiet medication space with others is because it breaks down the barriers that keep us thinking that we are separate from nature, animals and each other. I enjoy really seeing people right after a yoga class. Seeing them—not seeing the stressed look of the never ending to-do list that everyone carries around like an excuse to not be present and in the moment. People will actually be so lost in their minds and what has to be done for tomorrow, that they miss out on life, which happens right now, this moment.
Stress will kill you. Stress releases too much cortisol, which in turn triggers a sugar release to “escape the tiger.” Too much sugar causes too much insulin to be released, and too much insulin leads to belly fat, which stores the excess cortisol. Too much belly fat causes higher insulin levels and on and on and on. What is a great stress buster? Yoga on the beach.
Bring your towel, $10.00 for hospice and a commitment to be present in each moment and in each breath while being one with it all!
Where: Sellers St. Beach Access,Oak Island
When: 6:30 on Thursday this Summer
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