Planning For the Holidays


One of my health students has a large family. She informed me that she would not be able to stick with the program for any family gatherings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, trips, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Halloween, Valentines, Thanksgiving,etc. You get the picture. We worked on it. Having a growth mindset is key.

One of my other students told me today I was the best teacher she ever had her whole life! She did make a commitment to be compliant. She is glowing and looks good in her skinny jeans!

She lost over 50 pounds and 6 inches from her waist— and is reversing cancer with a combination of conventional and natural treatments. She feels absolutely no food deprivation and we have already planned her Thanksgiving! She no longer needs a cane to walk and feels better than she has in years. To learn more about our one-on-one customized individualized health classes, check our website at and enroll. #Fitness, #Health, #365DaysOfEatingDeliciously, #NoDeprivation, #ReversingType2Diabetes, #ReverseCancer

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