Are You Grounded in Nature?

Do you stay grounded in nature? What do I mean by that? I mean that sometimes I get moving so fast that I am out of sync with nature.  Nature has a smooth and steady rhythm, and it’s not always at high-speed. It is often at medium speed. Getting grounded in nature slows me down. There’s winds and seasons and moon cycles!

If you were to visit my office, you would see a bowl of shells, a rock from Sedona, a piece of wood from a special memory, a wood bowl which we watched being carved in Africa, and a slideshow of my most treasured pictures of nature. Sometimes when I get too caught up in the problems of the world or other people’s madness, I regroup and get grounded in nature—- and slow down. Then, I keep reminders around to help me stay at medium speed. Do you know what phase the moon is in right now? What time did the sun rise or set? Where is the wind coming from? What’s the temperature? Is it high tide? Grounding yourself with these types of questions might help you as well.

I know that walking barefoot on the earth is grounding for some people.  A quiet moment before the hectic day grounds others. Looking at water is soothing to me. What works for you?

Figure out how you can connect to nature, the sun and the elements and “practice” every day.  I was brainwashed into thinking that getting in the sunlight every day is harmful and cancer causing.  Most of the cutting edge doctors now say to get outside everyday at least 30 minutes. You decide! I personally get outside in the sun 30 minutes every day. #GroundedInNature, #RhythmsOfNature, #Fitness. #Health, #DiseasePrevention, #naturelover, #cancerfighter, #VitaminDlevels, #reversingtype2diabetes, #wellness, #yoga, #wellbeing, #slowingdown, #Calabash, #oakisland, #myrtlebeach, #pilotmoutnain, #getsunlight, #getoutside, #beatricehair,,  #emotionalstrength, #emotionalwellbeing, #speedofnature,  #walkingbarefoot,  #weightloss, #nomoreemotionaleating

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