Month: October 2018

Is there a better way?

IMG 0263 150x150 - Is there a better way?

Brownies made without sugar and coconut cool whip. This dessert is a loaded with healthy-plant based proteins, no dairy, and an amazing ferment-coconut yogurt. Is there a better way of life? A life that involves everyone in your world being

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Cancer-Is There a Secret?

beatrice o lanter2 150x150 - Cancer-Is There a Secret?

Cancer-What are the Secrets? As a person who has experienced cancer at many levels (family, self, cancer prevention students, and students dealing with live cancer), I have been amazed at what I have learned in my journey. I have read

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Find What Lights Your Fire-and Move

DSC 0902 3 e1539143174331 150x150 - Find What Lights Your Fire-and Move

Find What Lights Your Fire! Get Moving! I am very lucky that I found the sport that lights my fire and feeds my passion. It is soccer. I longed to play when I was raised overseas– it was just for

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Sugar Feeds Cancer

IMG 6749 150x150 - Sugar Feeds Cancer

One of my husband’s favorite fall activities is to go to the fair. He loves that funnel cake, made with gluten, sugar and terrible oils. So, found a great healthy pancake recipe, experimented, and came up with a fabulous version

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Halloween Planning for no Deprivation and no Sugar

IMG 8547 150x150 - Halloween Planning for no Deprivation and no Sugar

One of my cancer students, whose cancer markers have dropped twice since our work began, posted a note on her fridge about “eating in, feeling good.”  I used to say that I was a career woman; therefore I did not

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