Yoga on the beach


There are many components of fitness. Stamina involves aerobic activities, strength involves being able to lift heavy weights and flexibility involves stretching and range of motion. I am a NC registered Amateur Adult Soccer player. I play on two teams in the Spring and Fall. One of the most important components for my soccer game is my flexibility. I have been injury free for years while playing this competitive sport. I attribute this to the Yoga I practice, and also the warm-ups done before a game. Our bodies tend to get tight during a sedentary day of work. Stretching is the antidote for me.

Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes: Join me for Beach Yoga.
We will “Shine On” with Shannon Miller – Thursday evenings @ 6:30pm during July & August.
Beginning July 5th @ Sellers St. public access. Oak Island 
$10 per class -All proceeds going directly to Lower Cape Fear Hospice.
No previous experience required. Do what you can.
Please bring along a large blanket or towel (yoga mats are not recommended), sunglasses, a hat, water, a chair, whatever you will need to take the best care of yourself.
Find your Bliss at the Beach.

Sylvia Rodriguez states “Atoms are always positively or negatively charged. When we are in a space (such offices, cities, houses) that contains a high amount of positively charged ions in comparison to the negatively charged ions, we tend to feel tired, stressed and generally down. It has been proven that a high level of negatively charged ions is extremely effective and beneficial for our health and well being. People pay large amounts of money for air purifying machines which negatively charge ions. But the beach is known to be high in negative ions and even more amazing – nature does it for you. The beach provides you with an abundant amount of complimentary negatively charged ions.”