Winter Weight- Winter Blues

So, summer is over and now starts the vicious cycle of gaining weight over the winter, right? How about making a plan to prevent this? There are many reasons why this happened to me for years. I did not sweat as much in the fall and winter as I did in the summer. I used to be a carb addict (and sugar addict too), and starting with Halloween, I went into a full swing addiction that was fed again through Thanksgiving– and then Christmas was just perfect for more carbs and sugar. Because, of course, all those traditional foods really did bring my grandmother back! Not really. I broke this cycle for myself 6 years ago when I went clean and started eating real food only. For the last six years I have been going to the gym in January, but am always amazed at how many people come in so overweight that I do not even recognize them for a moment. And then many disappear by February. Are you this person?

If this is your predictable future, why not make a plan to change it. If you need help, sign up for our one-on-one customized, individualized classes where we will help you design a plan to look exactly like you look now in January-or, of course, like many of my students, maybe look and feel even better. And, you will still get to eat your grandmother’s favorite Christmas goodie. We promise.

The first step is to give up sugar and Franken foods. Once your taste buds adjusted and you will have to be massively creative; then you will still eat all your favorite foods. I love helping people with holiday recipes. Our program does not call for life-long deprivation. There is a better way.

To learn more, check out our testimonial from people who have healed from type two diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and much more.


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