Why So Many Excuses to Not Exercise?

Why do people make so many excuses not to exercise? We all pretty much know that everyone needs to move to keep strong muscles, for good posture, for heart health, for mental health, for emotional health, to prevent disease, and the list goes on and on. So why do so many people not make it a priority to exercise? We were made to move.

One of my students showed me a list her doctor gave her for exercises to do!! Really? That is almost as bad as handing someone a food pyramid. We are all so different. One person may be a sprint athlete. Another may be a marathoner and the third might not be athletic at all. Since we all need to move, the challenge is finding something you love to do and do it. Will it help to find a community to keep you encouraged? What is holding you back?

I am a sprint athlete myself, but did not even know it. My main sport is soccer, but on my non-soccer days I would train slowly. I would enjoy a long jog or a slow swim. As I aged, my soccer game started to slow down. I met with my personal sprint trainer (who happens to also be my former student) and she stated the obvious. That if I want to keep my speed, I need to do speed work on my off days. Duh. We all do not even know how much we do not know. That is why I find experts and hire them for help.

I hire yoga teachers to keep me flexible. I hired a Cross-Fit coach to train for the River Ruckus Statewide Cross-fit Tournament, where I won first place. I took classes before competing in my first sprint triathlon, where I won first place. I have just recently been encouraged to take up tennis again, so I am finding people who will help me with get better.  I am having so much fun after 30 years of no tennis!! I keep my workouts interesting and varied. What do you need? What did you used to love to do? Just do it.  #fitness #exercise #wellbeing #reversingtype2diabetes #preventcancer

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