Why Do Some People Live Amazing Lives Right Up to 120 Years Old

Blue Zones

Recently a National Geographic scientist and social/behavioral analyst was hired to discover why there are certain “blue zones” in the world where people live to be 120 and then die quickly straight from living active and amazing lives. What did all these different communities around the world have in common? They are ate whole, real foods, including their greens, they ate meat maybe 5 times a month, they were not lonely, they cooked, they lived in mountainous communities where they climbed hills daily, they did not sit for more than 20 minutes at a time, they had purpose in their lives, they had moments of taking a pause (being vs doing) like an afternoon nap or prayer before eating, they had a very strong sense of community, and they had a strong faith in a higher power

Oh my goodness! How far away from the standard American life is this? What can you do to recreate some of this in your life? Do you pause? Do you move around all day? Do you eat tons of plant based foods? Do you climb hills? Do you have a strong sense of purpose?  Do you have a strong sense of community? Do you cook? What changes do you feel you can make?

One of the biggest challenges my health students face is finding time to prepare food. I have found a few favorite recipes with them. I have helped them create time to prepare food twice a week. Then food is ready when they are working and busy. Also, in order to get in all those greens, I play around with putting vegetables into desserts and teach how to use only healthy sweeteners.  Each person needs to use great creativity in discovering their own perfect customized plan. We offer one-on-one classes to help! www.beatricehair.org

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