What is Your Plan When You Eat Out?



When you eat out are you eating toxic, sick meat from an animal that was raised on growth hormones (linked to cancer) and antibiotics? Those antibiotics could put you at the risk for sickness by the “antibiotic resistant super bugs.” Are you eating horrific hydrogenated oils that are toxic? Are you eating food colors made with petroleum and considered dangerous in Europe? Are you eating way over-processed corn syrup that is not even food? Are you eating food that can be sprayed with Round Up weed killer and not die (GMOs)? Do you feel well after you eat out? Are you bloated the next day?

Our program helps our students not only avoid the “big traps in the forest”, but also helps each of our graduates know how and what to order to minimize the toxic overload of our modern day. Do you know how to order? How do you communicate with your chef without imposing?

This weekend we visited one of our favorite artists in Brevard, NC. We saw family too. Eating out comes with travel and adventures. I brought my list for the server. The chef came out and was so proud to announce where his beef came from, how it is raised and interesting facts –such as the cow ate acorns to improve the taste of the beef! I have been on my “eating clean” journey for 7 years now, and have been treated well at restaurants. What has surprised me the most is how chefs are proud to have an opportunity to talk about their food with pride! See photo.

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