What is transformation, really? Is it possible with Type 2 Diabetes?  

What is transformation, really? Is it possible with Type 2 Diabetes?


There is so much mediocrity and lack of excellence in so many aspects of our culture, yet there is always this one area where anything is possible.  It is the area of breakthroughs in the face of breakdowns. It is transformation. I started doing transformational work with my unique and nationally recognized one-on-one academy years before people where even talking about transformational work. When I starting hearing about it, I had already perfected tools, trademarked and copyrighted them!!

My idols are the teachers on my favorite TV show Dancing with The Starts. See photo of Derek and Julianne Hough. They start with people, sometimes with two left feet, and after some crying and a breakdown, they come our dancing like pros. I love to watch the process, since I am so familiar with it and have worked it with thousands of people.

With all my health students, I only had one where a breakthrough was not possible. She had Type 2 Diabetes for years. She would go outside barefoot, which is something she could have done freely a few months later. However, when you are a diabetic, wounds do not heal, because nutrition will not be allowed into the cell. See my “rusty lock” analogy on my Reversing Type 2 Diabetes blog. Right at her turning point, she would not give up eating at Hardees (pure poison), would not replace her dairy creamer or anything else. She would not follow my plan. I stopped my work with her. Rather than having the tears, the breakdown and then the breakthrough, she just remained a diabetic who, from the national statistics point of view, will have her feet amputated.

Breakdowns are hard, breakthroughs are awesome.  Come work with the pros and get your transformation. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

Sometimes people hesitate to invest money and time in themselves. But, what do you have when you do not have your health? And you can’t take your money with you in the casket!!!

Sign up at www.beatriceahair.org and call to learn more.

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