What Are Your Lifetime Odds?

The National Safety Council sponsored by Congress declared that 1 out of 7 people in America die of cancer, 1 out of 6 die of heart disease, 1 out of 188,362 die as a passenger on a plane and 1 out of 8,527 die from accidental gun discharge. There are many different ways to look at statistics for sure, but this one is brutal. Both cancer and heart disease are health related. I hear people say that it is expensive to live healthy. I do believe there are inexpensive ways to eat organic and healthy. And I will share from personal experience that the healthy way is the harder way.

Why is my healthy lifestyle more expensive? This is because I do eat 95% organic and I try to eat right from the tree as much as possible. I do pay for thermascans out of pocket, and many of my vitamin protocols are out of pocket as well. I use cutting edge labs that are not covered by insurance yet. Insurance coverage is about 16 years behind what my health needs, and I do not want to spend my life waiting, so I invest. And, to date, I have not seen anyone who took their money with them when they died. Health is the new wealth, and happiness is the new rich! Frankly, I was not fun to be around during my grumpy, fatigued years. When in pain, I am not naturally pleasant either.

The recipe in the photo is made with gluten free pasta and organic tomato sauce; the side was a huge plate of asparagus — and a salad. This meal satisfied me and left me feeling energetic and well for days. The dessert was very low on the glycemic index. Before I learned what foods to avoid, I could feel bloated and miserable for days after eating a “culprit” as I call a food that does not agree with us. I do help my students discover what they need to eat and avoid for their body. This is exciting customization! It is one of the secrets to my health.  To learn more about our one-on-one health classes, visit www.beatricehair.org. #wellbeing, #cancerprevention, #heartdiseaseprevention, #greatfood #happinessisthenewrich, #reversingtype2diabetes.

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