Weight Loss is Possible Without Deprivation

WEIGHT LOSS-with lemon squares

Not everyone learns on the same day of the same way. I have been an educator for over 30 years  and this is my motto. This applies to my weight loss students and their weight loss as well. Not everyone loses the same way or the same day. My current student has lost 28 pounds in 2 weeks of taking my 8 week Weight Loss program. Because of the  technology  I use, I know scientifically that she has lost fat, not water. I even know when she is not properly hydrated!


What is the  secret to my consistent success with students and their weight loss? It is their commitment level and my copyrighted and trademarked curriculum. I have a Master’s Degree is Curriculum Writing, and undergraduate degrees in Education and Health and  Sports Science  from Wake  Forest  University. I also walk the walk that I talk!! And I work closely with medicine to assure the well being of my students.


As important as what I do is what I do not do with my students. I do not deprive my students of calories. I worked for Weight Watchers for many years, and people would just come back the next year even bigger. I do not ask my students to eat low-fat. That was the fad in the 80s and that has been a colossal failure. I do not ask my students to give up any of their favorite foods or desserts. That is because deprivation does not work in the long run. My program is not a fad–it is a lifestyle change for the long haul.

And how is it that my programs also help  with reversing Type 2 Diabetes? And with cancer reversal? And  with cancer prevention? That  is  because I require people to not  eat or use chemicals and toxins in food, products and household cleaners? And what does this have to do with weight loss?  www.beatricehair.org


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