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What is Your Plan When You Eat Out?

IMG 4542 150x150 - What is Your Plan When You Eat Out?

    When you eat out are you eating toxic, sick meat from an animal that was raised on growth hormones (linked to cancer) and antibiotics? Those antibiotics could put you at the risk for sickness by the “antibiotic resistant

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Veggies and Alzheimer’s Disease

IMG 7365 150x150 - Veggies and Alzheimer's Disease

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Keto or you have discovered your own personalized,customized way to eat, vegetables have got to be a part of it. And, think about your last meal. Was it all the colors of the rainbow?

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Winter Weight- Winter Blues

DSC 0851 2 150x150 - Winter Weight- Winter Blues

So, summer is over and now starts the vicious cycle of gaining weight over the winter, right? How about making a plan to prevent this? There are many reasons why this happened to me for years. I did not sweat

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