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Sugar Free, Homemade, Organic Cranberries!

FullSizeRender 2 150x150 - Sugar Free, Homemade, Organic Cranberries!

So, are you going to open a can of cranberries, loaded with sugar, to feed your loved ones? Or will you take the challenge and make your own cranberries for the holidays? These cranberries are so full of flavor, they

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Activity is not Exercise

Bike on the Beach 150x150 - Activity is not Exercise

As one of my cancer student graduates recently said-“If you do not exercise, you are going to die!” She was struggling to find a way to make exercise an essential part of her daily routine. She finally found pool exercise

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Eat Right–And No Deprivation

Heidi finalfinal 150x150 - Eat Right--And No Deprivation

Statement by a graduate of our one-on-one health program “I was a self-proclaimed health-nut, so I thought signing up for Beatrice’s plan would be pretty easy.  I had no idea that I had no idea.  The only way to get

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