Sugar Feeds Cancer

One of my husband’s favorite fall activities is to go to the fair. He loves that funnel cake, made with gluten, sugar and terrible oils. So, found a great healthy pancake recipe, experimented, and came up with a fabulous version of the funnel cake. A super healthy, delicious one without gluten, without sugar, without chemicals and without carcinogenic oils!

I love hanging out with my fellow wellness revolution friends. We talk about how we continuously create excellent replacement recipes, products, and cleansers. We share stories about people who do not even know what we are talking about—and are dying of brain cancer while eating sugar.  And we hurt for them, and wish we could work harder to educate more people sooner.

One of our conversations did center around cancer, since cancer has affected both of us, either personally or within our immediate family. When the doctors want to check if you have a tumor, they give you radioactive due mixed with sugar and put it directing into your veins. Then they take an X-ray to see where the sugar went. This is because cancer eats sugar. So, if you have cancer, does it not make sense to drop the sugar? And the other sugars, such as lactose? I know someone who had three small children and a brain tumor. He told me himself a few months before he died from that brain tumor that he would not give up dairy.  Really? We help our students create all their favorite desserts and dairy foods—without the toxins and the sugar! There is no deprivation with our program.

Are you still doing a mammogram? I stopped doing that after over radiating myself for 20 years. These days, the dangers and risks of the squishing and radiation are much more publicized and women are not recommended to do mammograms at a young age anymore. I wanted to prevent breast cancer, so I over radiated myself for years. There is a better way. I do regular thermoscans. They are painless, involve no dangerous radiation and cost $200.00 out of pocket. Well worth it for me, as I will never do a mammogram again.

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