Plan to Stay Fit While You Travel

Exercise and movement


If I were queen for a day, I would rule that everything I am stating in this blog would be common sense for 100% of our population.  Only 20% of Americans get the exercise and movement they need; and this 20% includes people who walk. Often, with my students, when we are designing a customized exercise plan, I count walking as an activity, not a workout. This is because walking does not build muscle or real cardiovascular endurance. Efforts to educate Americans on the importance of exercise have been a colossal failure. Being fit contributes to longevity, and by longevity, I mean quality longevity. My personal desire is to live very long, go swimming in the ocean, have great sex, and die overnight in my sleep. A relative of mine recently took 5 years to die and it was a miserable, horrible and rather expensive death. I want my death be cheap and quick!

Being fit is vital for prevention of cardiovascular disease and preventing Type 2 Diabetes. The more muscle mass you have, the better your body can process sugar and insulin. Do you have a great routine in your daily life? Do you have workout buddies and classes you enjoy attending. Are you busy and therefore, in lieu of classes and a gym, have you designed quick, explosive workouts you can do in very little time? Do you have a plan for when you travel?

When I travel, I do not have my weights, I do not have a class, I do not have a gym and often I am in an airport or away from the conveniences of home and workout friends. What do I do? I have created a repertoire of workouts I can do without any equipment. All I need is a time piece and sometimes only a small space. Recently I traveled to the Alps in Europe. I saw a slight hill that was safe to run. I sprinted up and walked down as a recovery for 17 minutes. If I can find a steep hill, I will do this for 8 minutes. And, I absolutely max out on my lungs and strength.

To learn more about how to create a customized plan to stay fit for life, enroll in one of our classes or meet with your personal trainer.

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