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My top favorite yin yoga postures stretch most of my major muscle groups, leave me free of injuries, and allow me full range of motion when I play sports. What is yin yoga? It is a very relaxed and settled pose that is slightly uncomfortable for a little while because I hold it for 2 minutes. The benefits are amazing. I breathe deeply into my stomach during these poses. That breathing alone brings my body into balance (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system recalibration)! This particular stretch does not require any props, and it is a massively great hip stretch. I do it after tennis, soccer, sprints, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. It also stretches my hamstrings, calves, and back. WOW.
Sit on the floor. Keep one leg straight and stack your other knee. Place your hands under your knee to keep it from hyper-extending. Then lower your forehead to your knees. Hold for 2 minutes. WOW!
In the next few blogs, I will share my other favorite stretches. I can do them anywhere without needing any special equipment. I do need a clock.
When I studied Health & Sports Science at Wake Forest University I learned that there were three components of fitness: strength, aerobics, and flexibility. All three together make me a fit individual. If I do not stretch regularly before and after workouts, I get tight in the wrong places, my body becomes out of balance, some muscles tighten, other shorten, others shut down, and this is a recipe for injury, pain, and bad posture. Yoga is the key to keeping me in balance and fit without injuries.
Sometimes it can be intimidating to go to a yoga class. Just do these at home or in your garden. If you are just beginning, start with baby steps. Just do one stretch a day for a few weeks. Then add the next one and do two postures for a few weeks. The exciting part is watching the improvement in your own body!!!
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