My Summer Body-Important for Many Reasons

It is summertime and I have my summer body. This is important for so many reasons. It means I made it around the sun another year and did not add 10 more pounds. That vicious cycle is never ending, when every year it is 10 more pounds. The more one gains, the harder it can be to lose.

My summer body is important because I have made it 54 times around the sun, I and am still fit, healthy, happy, cancer-free and making decisions that are for my highest good. Only I can put the salad in my mouth or decide to go for that run. It is my decision, and I have made some good ones for this year to have my summer body again.

I have made decisions this year to detox, eat right, deal with difficult emotions head-on, stay fit, prune out the toxic relationships and enjoy living in the moment with joy in my heart. Even when I deal with difficulty, I am teaching myself to be grateful for the lessons and challenges as I become a better person.  I am thankful for gaining stronger skills to stay happy in my life no matter what.

Does this mean that I never eat emotionally? Yes and no. I am aware that numbing is a way to cope, and sometimes I do emotionally eat, but I have made a plan! That means that I have planned to have healthy comfort foods around so the damage is contained.

One of my students, who reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, was so thrilled to be able to go shopping for clothes and actually show off her waistline for the first time in decades!!

Are you interested in being your best self and having your summer body? Do you want a one-on-one class designed just for you? Learn more and take the step.

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