Lemon Mousse-Sugar Free/Dairy Free

Tonight I met two people– a couple that was not well. One will need heart surgery if weight is not lost and one is diabetic. They expressed interest in my program, but are very concerned because they have a sweet tooth and giving up sugar feels like such a hardship. And who needs hardship, right? My one-on-one work has helped so many people get breakthroughs without any deprivation for the long haul.  This is not about a diet-it is a lifestyle of deliciousness!

One example is this Lemon Mousse. It is creamy, sweet and the epidemy of comfort food. However, the glycemic index (sugar value) is zero. And it is lemony and sweet and smooth. It is made with almond milk instead of cows milk because milk was intended by nature to help make baby cows into big cows. So unless you are living with the goal of becoming a big cow, do not drink milk. My mousse if actually healthy for a person who is losing weight or for a diabetic! Yes, my desserts are actually good for you!

For so many years we have worked  with the idea that we had to eat sparingly to lose weight. This is not true either. If you cut back your calories you will lose weight. But you will also mess up your metabolism to the point that if you eat a regular diet, you will gain weight. Our bodies will help us stay alive, so they go into “conserve” mode when you lower the calories; and they stay there. However, with a clever and well designed, customized and individualized plan, you can eat just right for you. And, no deprivation is a end goal of the program. That is, no deprivation for life.

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