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The photo was taken of a beet/carrot juice offered to us in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Is juicing good for you?  I always say that everyone is different.  Each of us needs to discover what foods are best—a customized program that is a fit for individual needs. I personally juice. The downside of juicing for me is that juicing takes more time than a smoothie to prepare and it has less fiber. The upside is that, thank goodness, Mark and Ashley Honeycutt have opened up Juice Life in Salisbury and are considering  a second store nearby. This place is amazing, with many different options for both smoothies and juicing. It is their own pioneering business.

Ashley shares with us about her carrot-beet juice “Although we have more than one, our BEET THIS is the shop favorite beetroot and carrot juice. The combination of the beets and carrots help to cure inflammation and detoxify the liver and bloodstream. It’s loaded with phyto-nutrients that are important for a healthy heart, digestive system and gut, and improves blood circulation. We add spinach, turmeric, apple and lemon to make a great all-purpose juice!”


Ashley goes on to share “We offer many other fresh cold-pressed juice combinations. We press an abundance of fruits and vegetables across the color spectrum each day to support an overall healthy body! Keep in mind that grocery store “pasteurized” juice has almost no nutrients compared to fresh pressed juice. Most people don’t know the difference and are fooled by advertising. We never pasteurize! Don’t let the big companies like Tropicana, Naked Juice or Snapple trick you with their advertising. Their juices are far from fresh, natural or healing. Some of these juices have shelf lives of more than 6 months and more sugar than soda! Typically juices on the shelves at grocery stores have gone through a pasteurization process that heats the juice to a boiling level to ensure no bad pathogens have made it into the final product, extending the shelf life for a few months. Aim for a bottle that is full of healing nutrients, not a bottle full of sugar water.”



Ashley has a huge, cold pressed machine in her store. “Our juices are not made with a (counter-top) centrifugal or masticating press that creates heat and oxidation that damages the vital nutrients & enzymes that we are extracting from the fruits & vegetables. Our press uses upwards of 2,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure. This means that our DAILY FRESH PRESSED juices have 40-50% more nutrients, taste better and last longer than counter-top juiced juices.”  www.juicelifeusa.com


In summary, do not buy juice in stores, make your own, or get your juices from Juice Life or a similar store that uses the cold press technique.


One of my cancer students, whose cancer markers dropped dramatically during my class, asked me to customize her juicing program for her specific cancer. That is what we do-customized, individualized health plans. Many long term studies have been done on how juicing helps beat cancer. www.beatricehair.org

Juice Life is located between the YMCA and the Planet Fitness off of Jake Alexander Blvd.


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