Is your Community Healthy? What Can You Do?

How Healthy is your Community?


I have spent the last 31 years of my career creating, copyrighting and trademarking my techniques for modifying habits on a one-on-one individual and customized basis. However, there is evidence that when it comes to health, the best communities of the world do not strive for health individually. They simply live in a community that already has the healthy habits, lack of loneliness, and joy built into their social structures. In Minnesota a public experiment has been unfolding. The leaders of the town and the private sector invested in making their communities healthier. The results are amazing! Restaurants and city facilities started receiving special certificates for being healthier. Collectively, 2 tons of fat was removed from waistlines and there was a 3 year improvement of life-expectancy. What???

At the moment all my work is done individually, but maybe the group approach is what is needed. If you are in city management or a “mover and shaker”, let’s make something happen for our whole community. In Costa Rica, the health care system spends $1.00 up front in preventive medicine with home visits for every $1,000 we spend on dealing with disease that needs to be fixed.

What can you do? You probably still need to re-educate yourself on how to eat pure, real, satisfying food and how to modify your health habits. Then lead your loved ones (big challenge here!).  Next, lead your church groups and other important social contacts. One of my students, Pat Shouse, reversed her diabetes AIC from a 10.7 to a 6.0– to becoming a non-diabetic. She was most sabotaged at her church. What can we do? I have watched too many people die miserable long deaths—you have a choice. As I say in my book Body Wisdom Natural Health in You—Genetics loads the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger.

You are not your mother or your father. You can study and modify your environment.

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