Is Food a Cancer Fighter?

Food as Medicine to Fight Cancer?


One out of every four Americans will get cancer. That is either you or one of the top three people in your life. Cancer is not some mysterious disease, but it is a beast. If you or a loved one has cancer, it will require a radical change in lifestyle to beat it. You may choose to beat cancer with the huge amounts of cancer fighting and anti-angiogenesis properties of food or you may choose chemicals to kill the cancer. Then what? Do you know what the statistics are for a reoccurrence of the same cancer or even a different cancer?  A deceased friend of mine beat prostate cancer, just to turn around and get leukemia a few years later. After that, there was a cancerous tumor the size of a grapefruit in his intestine. Chemo was used each time.

Was there a better way? Did he figure out what the carcinogens where?  What if my friend had eaten mountains of garlic, celery, ginger, green tea, mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables every day? Would the cancer preventing, immune system boosting and anti-angiogenesis fighting power of those foods have kept reoccurring cancers away? Massive lifestyle changes are also needed to fight cancer.

American’s have six times as much cancer as people in Asia. Why might that be? Studies have been done (2009 Dr. Zhang, Lin Fy, etc) that established a pattern that people who ate mushrooms and drank green tea had a 90% lower rate of cancer. Is food the answer to cancer? Less than 1/3 of Americans eat 2 fruit servings and 3 vegetable servings per day. How are you doing?

There are no delightful solutions to cancer once you get it. Why not start a prevention plan now? You have a one in four chance to get it. Lose the weight, build stress management into your life, eat right for you, eat cancer fighting foods daily and become a cancer fighting machine. For cancer prevention classes check out .

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