I Beat Cancer and Celebrate This Victory

Over six years ago I had cancer. I created a customized plan to kill cancer and keep it from coming back.
I celebrate every victory even in the mist of losses. I apply my athletic mentality to all of life. In sports, life goes play by play. If I make a bad play, I move on quickly to the next play and celebrate every victory along the way. Really, no one wins every single play in sports or life.
I beat cancer. That is a victory. No doubt. However, the real task of figuring out what caused cancer and figuring out the lifestyle changes needed to prevent a reoccurrence is the key.
By focusing on the victories, I keep my next victory closer. I make my next move with confidence. Win or lose, I keep celebrating the victories. This also strengthens me to handle losses better. With my health students, I love it when I can just make many moves quickly. But, in reality, change takes time and lifestyle changes hit close to home for everyone. Then it is good to celebrate the small victories, even in the face of losses. The importance is to keep celebrating baby steps and to keep moving forward.
This photo was taken in Sedona, Arizona while visiting my family. I have a powerful relationship with this side of my family that is based on mutual respect, love, and supporting each other no matter what. I have decided to celebrate every precious moment with my favorite family members for sure.
Are you dealing with a health issue? Have you come to realize there is no magic pill? Do you realize that what you eat, how you think, what chemicals you use and how happy you are might be the difference between sickness and health? Are these the key to helping your body go back to homeostasis?
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