How do you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

How do you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?  You heal with a customized eating plan and no deprivation. Deprivation does not work. Replacements are fun to find and sugar must be replaced. Sugar kills. My simplified explanation of how sugar kills is that when you have two much sugar in your blood, your body panics. It panics because too much sugar in the blood causes brain damage. So the body starts to produce insulin to help bring the sugar down. This works in a normal, healthy person. However, in a diabetic person, this system malfunctions. I call it the rusty locks. Each of your cells needs sugar for energy and needs the waste removed from the cells. When the locks are rusty, the glucose (sugar) does not enter the cell and the waste does not leave. So, when a diabetic eats sugar, the consequence is that very high levels of sugar and insulin are running around the body acting as a corrosive agent. This destroys kidneys, eyes, feet, skin, etc. It is death. 25% of people, who are diabetic, do not even know it. They are just sick and tired all the time. The damage of this disease is often permanent. 80% of people who get foot amputations have known that they are diabetic, but have chosen to be in denial about it. They are surprised when they lose their feet. What can be done? The answer is in a customized, individualized food and health plan aimed at reversing this disease.

We offer one-on-one classes that work with each person with perfect customization. Everyone is different and everyone needs and likes different foods. A “one size fits all” food plan is ludicrous. The food pyramid is ludicrous. An exercise plan that is not customized will not work in the long run.  Make it your priority to claim your healing today.

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