Meet Maddie

I am a health student of Beatrice Hair’s program. During my life, I have never been able to stick to a diet regiment. But I have successfully completed the goals designed for me to fight cancer-because it is not a diet regiment. It is a lifelong lifestyle adjustment. I have lost 53 pounds and I lost six inches off of my waist. Beatrice instilled confidence in me and I was able to quit sugar. I was in bed and walking with a cane with growing cancer. Now the cancer is reversed, I hike in the mountains and wear my skinny jeans. I can even hold my own at my large family gatherings with my new recipes (we compete about this), because my new dishes taste so good. Mrs. Hair is simply awesome. SS

I feel that Beatrice Hair has started a health revolution in our community. She is the ultimate educator! I’ve even spoken in public with her about health issues, avoiding chemicals in our homes and food, and helped her with educating people on healthier lifestyles. She is an amazing person and educator. I enjoyed attending the SBA Award’s Ceremony when Beatrice Hair was nationally recognized for her work as an outstanding educator. She has impacted many. Crystal V.

I am fully satisfied with the five star services that Beatrice gave my mother. My mother signed up for her type 2 diabetes reversal class, before the first session she hit a 600 blood sugar level and I had to rush her to the hospital. When she started the program with Beatrice she had a 10.7 A1C. Within about 3 months working one-on-one with Beatrice she was able to lose 30 pounds and bring her A1C down to a 6.0. I was very happy and pleased with the program by using just natural foods and some exercise my mother was fully healthy and down to a nice weight. I would strongly recommend this to anybody thinking about a type 2 diabetes reversal plan; it is very cost-effective and very healthy. My mother is no longer on Metformin and her blood pressure has decreased as well. This is an excellent program. Pam S.

I’ve personally witnessed Beatrice’s work and am impressed by her knowledge and compassion to help others. Do not take your physical and mental health for granted. What we put on and in our bodies as well as the environmental we live in is key to wellness. Do yourself a favor and make 2020 your best year yet. If you need help and guidance, Beatrice is here to help you along your journey of physical as well as mental wellbeing. Chris K

The programs are fantastic! These classes have helped people lose weight, reverse type 2 diabetes, deal with cancer and much more. All of the work is done one-on-one. There are no group classes. The results are great and the care very professional. I appreciate the science that is used and the measurable results. TB

My wife enrolled in this program and I had “splash” benefits. My wife cooks for me, changed habits, and household products full of chemicals were replaced. Lots of changes, I lost 30 lbs. and in giving up sugar, gave up a lifetime of headaches. I was just a stand-by benefactor! Tim C.

Beatrice is a great inspiration to me and to many!! She walks the walk she talks!! Her book is great too. Barbara S.

Trust the process!! It took someone else caring about my health more than I did to get me going. I thought I was a health nut, accumulated data and recipes and knowledge and had absolutely no idea how to apply it. Beatrice showed up with a road map. I am absolutely positive I could not have figured this out by myself and I have a very good team of natural medicine practitioners. I’m now on a lifelong path, of seeing markers in my tests and asking the questions of what is driving that. I will ever go back to eating mindlessly, but the door was kicked wide open and there is so much more to know. My mission has just started, thank you! HM

Beatrice is amazing at helping you change habits without the loss of flavor. She has a true passion for helping people live better and healthier lives. AG