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Recipes | Healthy Type2 Reversing You want your family to eat healthy, tasty food, but you’re busy. What should you do?

Instead of unhealthy fried chicken, make “Beatrice’s Better-than-fried Chicken” for dinner. Add an easy-to-prepare side dish of squash. Create a delicious kale salad, and finish with a wonderful no-bake cheesecake.

The following healthy recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, toxin-free, soy-free, sugar-free, and MSG-free. You can even hide vegetables in the dessert—a secret weapon for any supermom who knows that her kids need to eat more vegetables!

What is the thinking behind these recipes?  Before the industrial revolution, people ate food from local farms. They cooked it themselves.

Now, most foods are processed with chemicals to be more flavorful and last longer. They are genetically modified to be bigger and more attractive. They even have pesticides built into their genes with these genetic modifications. Cows and chickens grow faster, thanks to hormones and antibiotics. Milk production is artificially accelerated.

This does not mean that nutrients are added. In fact, your kids are ingesting toxins at an unprecedented rate. Also, children are less active now than in the past, which creates a scary combination: less healthy intake and less healthy activity. But if you abruptly stop giving your kids good-tasting, artificial foods, they will not be happy.

The solution is to create your own replacement recipes that avoid chemicals. For a smooth transition, make sure the flavors pop!  Each meal should contain an appealing variety of colors; it is fun to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow. Time spent preparing healthy food means less time taking care of a sick child.

Once in a while, turn off the TV and ask your kids to help you cook. From my 25 years as an educator, I know that children like messy, creative, hands-on activities.

Here are some healthy recipes to get you started. The one for chocolate is my personal guilt-free pleasure.

Chocolate Mousse - Recipes | Healthy Type2 ReversingChocolate Mousse  Fried Chicken 150x150 - Recipes | Healthy Type2 Reversing
Better Than Fried Chicken