Are You Grounded in Nature?

IMG 4562 - Are You Grounded in Nature?

Do you stay grounded in nature? What do I mean by that? I mean that sometimes I get moving so fast that I am out of sync with nature.  Nature has a smooth and steady rhythm, and it’s not always at high-speed. It is often at medium speed. Getting grounded in nature slows me down. There’s winds and seasons and moon cycles!

If you were to visit my office, you would see a bowl of shells, a rock from Sedona, a piece of wood from a special memory, a wood bowl which we watched being carved in Africa, and a slideshow of my most treasured pictures of nature. Sometimes when I get too caught up in the problems of the world or other people’s madness, I regroup and get grounded in nature—- and slow down. Then, I keep reminders around to help me stay at medium speed. Do you know what phase the moon is in right now? What time did the sun rise or set? Where is the wind coming from? What’s the temperature? Is it high tide? Grounding yourself with these types of questions might help you as well.

I know that walking barefoot on the earth is grounding for some people.  A quiet moment before the hectic day grounds others. Looking at water is soothing to me. What works for you?

Figure out how you can connect to nature, the sun and the elements and “practice” every day.  I was brainwashed into thinking that getting in the sunlight every day is harmful and cancer causing.  Most of the cutting edge doctors now say to get outside everyday at least 30 minutes. You decide! I personally get outside in the sun 30 minutes every day. #GroundedInNature, #RhythmsOfNature, #Fitness. #Health, #DiseasePrevention, #naturelover, #cancerfighter, #VitaminDlevels, #reversingtype2diabetes, #wellness, #yoga, #wellbeing, #slowingdown, #Calabash, #oakisland, #myrtlebeach, #pilotmoutnain, #getsunlight, #getoutside, #beatricehair,,  #emotionalstrength, #emotionalwellbeing, #speedofnature,  #walkingbarefoot,  #weightloss, #nomoreemotionaleating

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What Are Your Lifetime Odds?

IMG 0522 - What Are Your Lifetime Odds?

The National Safety Council sponsored by Congress declared that 1 out of 7 people in America die of cancer, 1 out of 6 die of heart disease, 1 out of 188,362 die as a passenger on a plane and 1 out of 8,527 die from accidental gun discharge. There are many different ways to look at statistics for sure, but this one is brutal. Both cancer and heart disease are health related. I hear people say that it is expensive to live healthy. I do believe there are inexpensive ways to eat organic and healthy. And I will share from personal experience that the healthy way is the harder way.

Why is my healthy lifestyle more expensive? This is because I do eat 95% organic and I try to eat right from the tree as much as possible. I do pay for thermascans out of pocket, and many of my vitamin protocols are out of pocket as well. I use cutting edge labs that are not covered by insurance yet. Insurance coverage is about 16 years behind what my health needs, and I do not want to spend my life waiting, so I invest. And, to date, I have not seen anyone who took their money with them when they died. Health is the new wealth, and happiness is the new rich! Frankly, I was not fun to be around during my grumpy, fatigued years. When in pain, I am not naturally pleasant either.

The recipe in the photo is made with gluten free pasta and organic tomato sauce; the side was a huge plate of asparagus — and a salad. This meal satisfied me and left me feeling energetic and well for days. The dessert was very low on the glycemic index. Before I learned what foods to avoid, I could feel bloated and miserable for days after eating a “culprit” as I call a food that does not agree with us. I do help my students discover what they need to eat and avoid for their body. This is exciting customization! It is one of the secrets to my health.  To learn more about our one-on-one health classes, visit #wellbeing, #cancerprevention, #heartdiseaseprevention, #greatfood #happinessisthenewrich, #reversingtype2diabetes.

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Does Your Fridge Make the Grade?

IMG 1810 1 - Does Your Fridge Make the Grade?

How does your fridge look? I did not stock this fridge, but I give it the A. There are plenty of foods right from the tree. I see all the colors of the rainbow with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, and I see much food stored in glass. As my health students know, I always give positive feedback for how food can be stored even better.  For the A+, I would replace more of the plastic with glass or stainless steel. For example, the water bottle in the drawer could be replaced with a stainless steel water bottle that does not leach any toxins.

Many plastics contain ethylene oxide –it is odorless, so it is hard to see it as a toxin. Chronic exposure has been linked to breast cancer and leukemia. Vinyl chloride is also present in plastics. High concentrations of these in your body can cause depression, nausea, headaches, liver damage and liver cancer.

I notice Coconut Aminos in this fridge. These are great as a soy replacement. Coconut Aminos offer a similar “pop” in flavor, yet they do not contain genetically modified soy. Soy in America is laced with a chemical that resists the bug killer (round-up). The farmers can spray the whole plant without killing it. This type of genetic tampering is linked to cancer by many scientists around the world. In the USA we label it as a probable carcinogen.

I see the mushrooms are stored in Styrofoam. Why not also use glass here as well? In addition, the blackberries have very thin membranes. They should therefore always be organic and stored in glass.

To learn more about our customized one-on-one health classes, check our website at  Enjoy the testimonials by people who have lost weight, reversed Type 2 Diabetes and healed from cancer. We also enjoy helping people lower cholesterol and lower high blood pressure.

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Thanksgiving is Over-How Did You Do?

IMG 1856 - Thanksgiving is Over-How Did You Do?

Thanksgiving is over! How do you feel? Did you enjoy health? Did you eat well? Did you eat sugar? Is it possible to eat all the same foods you love and still eat healthy and sugar-free? My favorite work ever is the one-on-one tutoring work I do to help people with their health. And my favorite part of that work is planning ahead for the holidays with personalized recipes of all of my students’ favorite foods. We are only at the beginning of the food revolution, but just imagine a day when you are looking at a holiday feast loaded with real food right from the tree. Imagine your main dish, side dish and all desserts made in a way that is 100% good for you and without harmful toxins or disease causing sugar? Imagine all your people are on the same page. Imagine everyone is feeling good after they eat, and everyone is healthy and well. The elderly members of your family are giving thanks for their disease-free life. The children are not obese and no one has a cold.
This is how my Thanksgiving is for me. And it is a dream come true. It has taken me six years since I was eating cancer-causing holiday foods, too much sugar, genetically modified wheat, corn, soy and pre-packaged foods, disastrous Jell-O, and many foods that I know now are not fit for pigs to eat.
Are you happy with your holiday? Are your loved ones doing well and thriving? Do you want to change anything for the next holiday? Will you do it with baby steps? I did not do baby steps– once my eyes were open. I took 8 bags of trash out of my pantry and replaced with whole, real food. And I have never looked back, never felt deprived and have continuously created more and more amazing foods without toxins. I love, love, love how I eat.
The organic cranberry recipe is in my book Body Wisdom Natural Health in You, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, Simply Good in Salisbury, Inergy Market on Oak Island and Robinhood Integrative in Winston-Salem.
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I Beat Cancer and Celebrate This Victory

P1070951 - I Beat Cancer and Celebrate This Victory

Over six years ago I had cancer. I created a customized plan to kill cancer and keep it from coming back.
I celebrate every victory even in the mist of losses. I apply my athletic mentality to all of life. In sports, life goes play by play. If I make a bad play, I move on quickly to the next play and celebrate every victory along the way. Really, no one wins every single play in sports or life.
I beat cancer. That is a victory. No doubt. However, the real task of figuring out what caused cancer and figuring out the lifestyle changes needed to prevent a reoccurrence is the key.
By focusing on the victories, I keep my next victory closer. I make my next move with confidence. Win or lose, I keep celebrating the victories. This also strengthens me to handle losses better. With my health students, I love it when I can just make many moves quickly. But, in reality, change takes time and lifestyle changes hit close to home for everyone. Then it is good to celebrate the small victories, even in the face of losses. The importance is to keep celebrating baby steps and to keep moving forward.
This photo was taken in Sedona, Arizona while visiting my family. I have a powerful relationship with this side of my family that is based on mutual respect, love, and supporting each other no matter what. I have decided to celebrate every precious moment with my favorite family members for sure.
Are you dealing with a health issue? Have you come to realize there is no magic pill? Do you realize that what you eat, how you think, what chemicals you use and how happy you are might be the difference between sickness and health? Are these the key to helping your body go back to homeostasis?
If you need help with your lifestyle, check out our classes at
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My top favorite yin yoga postures-fitness

P1070915 2 - My top favorite yin yoga postures-fitness

My top favorite yin yoga postures stretch most of my major muscle groups, leave me free of injuries, and allow me full range of motion when I play sports. What is yin yoga? It is a very relaxed and settled pose that is slightly uncomfortable for a little while because I hold it for 2 minutes. The benefits are amazing. I breathe deeply into my stomach during these poses. That breathing alone brings my body into balance (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system recalibration)! This particular stretch does not require any props, and it is a massively great hip stretch. I do it after tennis, soccer, sprints, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. It also stretches my hamstrings, calves, and back. WOW.
Sit on the floor. Keep one leg straight and stack your other knee. Place your hands under your knee to keep it from hyper-extending. Then lower your forehead to your knees. Hold for 2 minutes. WOW!
In the next few blogs, I will share my other favorite stretches. I can do them anywhere without needing any special equipment. I do need a clock.
When I studied Health & Sports Science at Wake Forest University I learned that there were three components of fitness: strength, aerobics, and flexibility. All three together make me a fit individual. If I do not stretch regularly before and after workouts, I get tight in the wrong places, my body becomes out of balance, some muscles tighten, other shorten, others shut down, and this is a recipe for injury, pain, and bad posture. Yoga is the key to keeping me in balance and fit without injuries.
Sometimes it can be intimidating to go to a yoga class. Just do these at home or in your garden. If you are just beginning, start with baby steps. Just do one stretch a day for a few weeks. Then add the next one and do two postures for a few weeks. The exciting part is watching the improvement in your own body!!!
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Is there a better way?

IMG 0263 - Is there a better way?

Brownies made without sugar and coconut cool whip. This dessert is a loaded with healthy-plant based proteins, no dairy, and an amazing ferment-coconut yogurt. Is there a better way of life? A life that involves everyone in your world being healthy and living well until the last breath? Do other cultures have this? Do people in our culture live well and die healthy-just of old age? Do we study these people? Are we learning from them? Do we care? Why should we care?
Yesterday my husband and I celebrated a special date night. At the event, the entire room was 90% obese people. Many walked with a funny gate. People who were celebrating their 47th birthday looked 70. It is so easy to just walk to your car, sit at your desk, walk from the car into the house, eat a frozen meal and sit in front of the TV. It is really sad when this is what kids do too. They imitate their parents, go to school, walk around a little there, come home and then sit in front of electronics– for hours.
Our bodies are made to move, and nature provides medicine with herbs, essential oils and foods that heal. Over six years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer– after 15 years of dealing with fatigue and fibromyalgia. I was truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. The doctors gave me all kind of prescriptions, many that did not even make sense. I was able to grow a nationally recognized company during my fatigued years, just because I love life, love helping people and love my work. But, there was a price to pay for forging on without healthy energy. Once I got cancer, I had no great choices. Every choice involved suffering, pain, discomfort and misery. Now that I am in remission, I am totally motivated to never get cancer again and to help everyone who wants to, to stay disease free.

Coconut Yogurt is available at Simply Good in Salisbury and Inergy Market on Oak Island
Check out our programs at
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Cancer-Is There a Secret?

beatrice o lanter2 - Cancer-Is There a Secret?

Cancer-What are the Secrets?

As a person who has experienced cancer at many levels (family, self, cancer prevention students, and students dealing with live cancer), I have been amazed at what I have learned in my journey. I have read thousands of case studies ranging from radiation side effects to the healing powers of certain foods, and my impression of it all is that the cure for cancer lies right under our noses, in our homes, and on our forks.

Yes, that is a bold statement, but as the medical paradigm shifts more and more, and people begin to realize that there is no “one size fits all” treatment plan for any disease, I feel more and more that the individualized approach is the answer to cancer.

While researching, I was amazed that there were not many more case studies on the people that beat cancer. However, researchers are now beginning to focusing more on what cancer survivors have in common.  One Harvard Ph.D. researcher interviewed many cancer survivors in remission and she said that at each person attributed at least 75 things for their healing. So, after gleaning the information, were there a few that everyone had in common?

Why yes, there were! And most people felt that there was nothing spontaneous about spontaneous remission. They all agreed that many factors (including lifestyle changes) were definitely part of the cancer remission.

Am I saying to never, ever use surgery, radiation, chemo, etc? No. What I am saying is that many things cause cancer and therefore, many things cure it as well. And our bodies are naturally wired to head toward homeostasis. Carefully weighing the pros of and cons of a treatment plan is a must. And, I love helping my students with lifestyle behavior modification and creating a new exciting life.

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Find What Lights Your Fire-and Move

DSC 0902 3 e1539143174331 - Find What Lights Your Fire-and Move

Find What Lights Your Fire! Get Moving!

I am very lucky that I found the sport that lights my fire and feeds my passion. It is soccer. I longed to play when I was raised overseas– it was just for boys then. When I was given the opportunity to play women’s soccer, I ran with it. I played in high school and went on to start the women’s soccer program at Wake Forest University. I have played ever since. I am currently a registered NC Amateur Soccer player, playing on two teams competitively.

What is great about finding my passion in a sport is that it gives me the motivation to stay fit. I have a sprint partner to keep me fast, and a personal trainer who does the same. I have recently taken up tennis to keep me fast offseason. What do you love? If you find what you love, then getting motivated to workout will not be an issue for you.

Many of my students are truly committed to their health, but struggle to get motivated to workout. So, in one case, I created a class for them to work out on the beach. That helped. One of my students loves to dance; she found a tap dance class to enjoy. One of my other students was a dancer for years but injured her knee beyond repair. Now she enjoys explosive workouts that we designed which suit her busy lifestyle and the limited number of minutes in her day.

Do you need help with staying motivated to exercise? Have you discovered an activity that you could become very passionate about? Checkout our classes as a possible resource for a better life for you. We co-create with you.

Many people think that being active is optional. For anyone dealing with Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc., it is not optional. It is mandatory to deal with, and in many cases, reverse the disease.

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Sugar Feeds Cancer

IMG 6749 - Sugar Feeds Cancer

One of my husband’s favorite fall activities is to go to the fair. He loves that funnel cake, made with gluten, sugar and terrible oils. So, found a great healthy pancake recipe, experimented, and came up with a fabulous version of the funnel cake. A super healthy, delicious one without gluten, without sugar, without chemicals and without carcinogenic oils!

I love hanging out with my fellow wellness revolution friends. We talk about how we continuously create excellent replacement recipes, products, and cleansers. We share stories about people who do not even know what we are talking about—and are dying of brain cancer while eating sugar.  And we hurt for them, and wish we could work harder to educate more people sooner.

One of our conversations did center around cancer, since cancer has affected both of us, either personally or within our immediate family. When the doctors want to check if you have a tumor, they give you radioactive due mixed with sugar and put it directing into your veins. Then they take an X-ray to see where the sugar went. This is because cancer eats sugar. So, if you have cancer, does it not make sense to drop the sugar? And the other sugars, such as lactose? I know someone who had three small children and a brain tumor. He told me himself a few months before he died from that brain tumor that he would not give up dairy.  Really? We help our students create all their favorite desserts and dairy foods—without the toxins and the sugar! There is no deprivation with our program.

Are you still doing a mammogram? I stopped doing that after over radiating myself for 20 years. These days, the dangers and risks of the squishing and radiation are much more publicized and women are not recommended to do mammograms at a young age anymore. I wanted to prevent breast cancer, so I over radiated myself for years. There is a better way. I do regular thermoscans. They are painless, involve no dangerous radiation and cost $200.00 out of pocket. Well worth it for me, as I will never do a mammogram again.

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