Activity is not Exercise

Bike on the Beach - Activity is not Exercise

As one of my cancer student graduates recently said-“If you do not exercise, you are going to die!” She was struggling to find a way to make exercise an essential part of her daily routine. She finally found pool exercise classes, and that works for her!!

Have you discovered yet what you love? Is it important for you to find a workout buddy? What will it take to build exercise into your daily routine?

Walking is ok, but here is a big difference between activity and exercise. Exercise should be a challenge-get breathless, get sweaty, and really feel it. Challenge yourself!!

Are you building your muscle mass? This is crucial for your metabolism to work properly!! This prevents obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and much more.

The percentage of people who are overweight in Asia is 24.2. The percentage of overweight people in the world is 34.7. The percentage of people who are overweight in America is 73.9!!! What? We have a problem in America. Are you a part of that problem? Let’s work on a solution with our customized, one-on-one classes.

Eat the colors of the rainbow and eat from the tree. Avoid processed foods and foods sprayed with insecticides. Eat clean meat and fish. Make a plan now to enjoy health for the long term.

To learn more about our one-on-one health habits classes, checkout

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100% Organic Stores is a Reality

IMG 4291 - 100% Organic Stores is a Reality

100% Organic Grocery Stores—a Reality!


We traveled to Germany last week and discovered 100% wall-to-wall organic grocery stores. Yes, this is a reality in other countries. I love being American, I am proud of being American and I love the USA. However, shopping in the USA for all organic food is not yet possible in one store. I cannot eat 75% of what our health food stores offer, because they contain sugar, canola oil, gluten and so many items that are toxic to me. Even large chain stores such as Whole Foods and Earth Fare keep me reading labels and on guard!

I believe that we can vote with our dollars. Keep buying organic food and our stores will keep providing it. If you have the chance, get to know a local farmer, talk to them and ask them for what you need. Then support them by buying from directly from them. I know change takes time. I started my clean living 7 years ago and it is so much easier to find more options in stores now!

On the subject of “everything takes time”–One of my Type 2 diabetic/obese students started my one-on-one class a few weeks ago. I have been coaching her about how to expect results this time next year. The road to healing in a bumpy one, not a straight line. I use the farmer analogy; today we reap the seeds we planted last year and next year we will reap the seeds we are planting now. Healing and change takes time so stay the course.   learn more about our one-on-one health classes.

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Summer Peach Cobbler! Eat it guilt-free!

peach pie Heide - Summer Peach Cobbler! Eat it guilt-free!

Summer Peach Cobbler! Eat it guilt-free!

One of our favorite things to do with our students is taking favorite recipes and converting them to healthy, guilt-free recipes. We make them gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, GMO free, MSG free and free of all additives and preservatives.  This requires teamwork and creativity resulting in a dessert that is not only delicious but is actually good for you! This peach cobbler was created by one of our graduates.

Why is that so important; because daily the standard American diet includes exceedingly too much sugar and way too many chemicals. We are also exposed to strong pesticides, air pollutants, dangerous chemicals in our water, endocrine disruptors in our body products and home cleaning products. It all adds up to too much!

We believe that the obesity, cancer and diabetes (type 2) epidemic is caused by lifestyle and can be cured by lifestyle if done in time. The World Health Organization reports that diabetes has become such a crisis and that we will have 80% more cases of diabetes by 2025.

The answer is in living an aware life. Pay attention, re-group  and do not deprive yourself. How can this be done?

Sign up for our one-on-one customized program to help you re-create how you think, what you eat, how you eat your favorite foods and what products you use.

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Do it. Move it. Shake it. Lift it.

0F6EFF93409D827BA44C5503C53C3D07 - Do it. Move it. Shake it. Lift it.

This is me doing the shoulder-stand on the beach.  I could talk about the importance of inverted poses or yoga, but I have a more important point.  Only 20% of Americans get enough exercise!! That is alarming. Walking is good activity, but I am talking about exercise.  Real heart rate elevation, sweat, strain, weights and maybe even a high intensity interval workout!

Everyone is different, so that is why no one has the exact same interest in all of the same workouts. What works for one of my students does not work for another.  But whatever your preferences are, do it. Move it. Shake it. Run it. Lift it.

A great workout routine helps with blood sugar control, disease management, stress management, better sleep, better mood, and it has no side effects like a pill. If you have been sedentary for a while, start slowly and add minutes and intensity gradually.

I used to think I was a runner, and then learned as I got wiser, that I am a sprinter. Out went most of the road races and in came soccer sprints, hill runs, interval training, cross-fit, and even explosion on the same old things that I had been doing. You can do jumping -jacks slowly or you can explode and do them as fast as you can.

I have found that for my students with careers who raise children, it is vital to build in the short, intense workouts that can be done on the run. I have also found that my retired students tend to like community and a sense of belonging when they build in their exercise routine. If you need help with designing your customized plan, I have a degree in Health and Sports Science from Wake Forest University and would love to help you individually with our unique program.

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My Summer Body-Important for Many Reasons

IMG 3842 - My Summer Body-Important for Many Reasons

It is summertime and I have my summer body. This is important for so many reasons. It means I made it around the sun another year and did not add 10 more pounds. That vicious cycle is never ending, when every year it is 10 more pounds. The more one gains, the harder it can be to lose.

My summer body is important because I have made it 54 times around the sun, I and am still fit, healthy, happy, cancer-free and making decisions that are for my highest good. Only I can put the salad in my mouth or decide to go for that run. It is my decision, and I have made some good ones for this year to have my summer body again.

I have made decisions this year to detox, eat right, deal with difficult emotions head-on, stay fit, prune out the toxic relationships and enjoy living in the moment with joy in my heart. Even when I deal with difficulty, I am teaching myself to be grateful for the lessons and challenges as I become a better person.  I am thankful for gaining stronger skills to stay happy in my life no matter what.

Does this mean that I never eat emotionally? Yes and no. I am aware that numbing is a way to cope, and sometimes I do emotionally eat, but I have made a plan! That means that I have planned to have healthy comfort foods around so the damage is contained.

One of my students, who reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, was so thrilled to be able to go shopping for clothes and actually show off her waistline for the first time in decades!!

Are you interested in being your best self and having your summer body? Do you want a one-on-one class designed just for you? Learn more and take the step.

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What is Your Plan When You Eat Out?

IMG 4542 - What is Your Plan When You Eat Out?



When you eat out are you eating toxic, sick meat from an animal that was raised on growth hormones (linked to cancer) and antibiotics? Those antibiotics could put you at the risk for sickness by the “antibiotic resistant super bugs.” Are you eating horrific hydrogenated oils that are toxic? Are you eating food colors made with petroleum and considered dangerous in Europe? Are you eating way over-processed corn syrup that is not even food? Are you eating food that can be sprayed with Round Up weed killer and not die (GMOs)? Do you feel well after you eat out? Are you bloated the next day?

Our program helps our students not only avoid the “big traps in the forest”, but also helps each of our graduates know how and what to order to minimize the toxic overload of our modern day. Do you know how to order? How do you communicate with your chef without imposing?

This weekend we visited one of our favorite artists in Brevard, NC. We saw family too. Eating out comes with travel and adventures. I brought my list for the server. The chef came out and was so proud to announce where his beef came from, how it is raised and interesting facts –such as the cow ate acorns to improve the taste of the beef! I have been on my “eating clean” journey for 7 years now, and have been treated well at restaurants. What has surprised me the most is how chefs are proud to have an opportunity to talk about their food with pride! See photo.

To learn more about our customized, individualized, one-on-one classes with proven results–Check out our website at We have helped diabetics reverse their disease, we have helped support people as they heal from cancer, we have helped people lose weight and much more. Listen to our testimonials.  We work with students who are vegan, paleo, keto, etc.

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Health is Physical and Mental

IMG 2167 - Health is Physical and Mental

How is your mental health? Long gone are the days where mental health referred to “crazy” people locked away in asylums. Mental health issues affect your body, your weight, your well-being, your emotional state, your loved ones, and your risk of disease. What do you do on a daily basis to maintain your equilibrium and stable mental state?
Do you focus on your breath to calm down? Do you pause before speaking? Do you mean what you say and say what you mean? Do you pray? Do you hurt others with what you say? Do you take time out of every day for your mental well-being? Do you have a “practice” that you maintain regularly? How do you deal with loss? Do you have healthy discernment steps before you make decisions? Are you impulsive when you need to slow down? Does meditating help you?
The British Royal family has now opened a free hotline for people struggling with mental health. This was done to intentionally take away any taboos about mental health! In my experience as the director of a nationally recognized school, I have been working in the trenches with people for over 32 years–and I have worked with thousands of people and their transformations. I have witnessed problems with the way people think. The solution is stable mental health.

Like many of you, I found a home at the beach for my health and happiness. However, just looking at the beach will not do it alone. What is your strategy? Learn more about our comprehensive health

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Are You 100% Committed to Your Health?

IMG 2598 - Are You 100% Committed to Your Health?

What is Your Commitment Level to Your Health?

I was enjoying dinner with one of my graduates of the Body Wisdom program, and she shared that what I taught her is how to be committed to her health  — 100%. Her commitment level is equal to her health level.  She learned that you do not need cheat days if you are committed to creating desserts in your kitchen, or finding your favorite foods that are made without sugar, chemicals, bad oils, GMO’s, MSG, etc.

I enjoyed speaking to another one of my graduates today as we celebrated her birthday. She graduated last year and her commitment level is 70%. She has reversed her Type 2 Diabetes. The 70% commitment has entailed that she take the Metformin again, but her overall health, vitality and happiness about her health is good. She was on many drugs before. What is your commitment level to your health?

Many people want to give a 20% commitment to their health and expect to be 100% healthy. My theory is that this only works when you are very young. The natural aging process of going downhill has required a 100% commitment from me.  I love the life this commitment has given me. I feel better in my 50s than I did in my 30s. Since I had a degree in Health Science I thought I was healthy, but I was not.

The photo was taken at a restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. We visit often and this restaurant is 100 percent organic, does not use GMOs, sugar, and is free of chemicals. Do you have a restaurant in your community that offers this? What can you do about it? The American way is to vote with our dollars. I am eating gluten free, dairy free pizza. The cheese substitute was made with macadamia nuts. It was GOOD!!

Enroll today  and try out a 100 percent commitment for 8 weeks. Let’s see what happens.

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Eat Right–And No Deprivation

Heidi finalfinal - Eat Right--And No Deprivation

Statement by a graduate of our one-on-one health program “I was a self-proclaimed health-nut, so I thought signing up for Beatrice’s plan would be pretty easy.  I had no idea that I had no idea.  The only way to get a firm grip on your health is to examine everything, not just everything you are eating, but everything you are exposed to on a daily basis or over time, that includes things you have already deemed “healthy”.  Beatrice insisted that I didn’t have to give up everything.  Pick the things I love the most and find an alternative path to making them.  It is not the easy path, but in my opinion it is the only path.  I’m not signing up for the “pill-of-the-month” club.  The topic of conversation in any social group these days seems to be what’s wrong with everybody, what hurts, how many drugs are you taking, knee replacements, hip replacements…..NO, not for me.  I don’t want to participate in that, so I better find out why everyone is so sick.  My class with Beatrice ended more than a year ago, but the pursuit of what makes me feel good continues; it will for the rest of my life.”

Heidi knows what she needs to eat and is massively creative with her desserts–her Christmas cookies are to die for and her donuts are out of sight. The photos are from her kitchen and food is her medicine.

Enroll today and make the positive changes with creative help and the science to back it.

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Photo taken in my 40s-Back in My Youth

IMGP3480 - Photo taken in my 40s-Back in My Youth

This photo was taken in my 40s, a long, long time ago. I believe health is less pills, less surgery, less chemo and more great lifestyle habits.

I walk the walk and teach the classes one-on-one. Enroll now.

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