Health is Physical and Mental

How is your mental health? Long gone are the days where mental health referred to “crazy” people locked away in asylums. Mental health issues affect your body, your weight, your well-being, your emotional state, your loved ones, and your risk of disease. What do you do on a daily basis to maintain your equilibrium and stable mental state?
Do you focus on your breath to calm down? Do you pause before speaking? Do you mean what you say and say what you mean? Do you pray? Do you hurt others with what you say? Do you take time out of every day for your mental well-being? Do you have a “practice” that you maintain regularly? How do you deal with loss? Do you have healthy discernment steps before you make decisions? Are you impulsive when you need to slow down? Does meditating help you?
The British Royal family has now opened a free hotline for people struggling with mental health. This was done to intentionally take away any taboos about mental health! In my experience as the director of a nationally recognized school, I have been working in the trenches with people for over 32 years–and I have worked with thousands of people and their transformations. I have witnessed problems with the way people think. The solution is stable mental health.

Like many of you, I found a home at the beach for my health and happiness. However, just looking at the beach will not do it alone. What is your strategy? Learn more about our comprehensive health

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