Halloween Planning for no Deprivation and no Sugar

One of my cancer students, whose cancer markers have dropped twice since our work began, posted a note on her fridge about “eating in, feeling good.”  I used to say that I was a career woman; therefore I did not cook.  Later, I ate those words and I cooked my way out of fatigue and into health, and you can too. What are your favorite foods? Can you fix them yourself? What do you enjoy most about fall foods? I always tell my students that if they fail to plan, they plan to fail.

One of my husband’s favorite fall activities is to go to the fair. He loves that funnel cake, made with gluten, sugar and terrible oils. So, found a great healthy pancake recipe, experimented, and came up with a fabulous version of the funnel cake. A super healthy, delicious one without gluten, without sugar, without chemicals and without carcinogenic oils!

One of my students last year was being very diligent with the program. It was fall, and she went on her favorite vacation with her hubby. We made many plans for her health success but failed to prepare for that caramel apple she just could not resist. She did not lose weight that week, felt bloated, felt fatigued and regretted it. Our next class involved her learning how to make a healthy caramel, with a candy thermometer. We created the most breathtaking organic, pure, sugar free and delicious caramel apples. Yes, it takes time and planning, but so does having a leg amputated due to diabetes. Being fatigued takes time too. Cancer is exhausting.

What are your plans for Halloween? What can you do to prepare so that you do not feel deprived if you decide not to eat sugar? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We offer one-on-one classes to help create magnificent plans with no deprivation. We have helped many, many people reverse type 2 diabetes and many other health issues.

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