Find What Lights Your Fire-and Move

Find What Lights Your Fire! Get Moving!

I am very lucky that I found the sport that lights my fire and feeds my passion. It is soccer. I longed to play when I was raised overseas– it was just for boys then. When I was given the opportunity to play women’s soccer, I ran with it. I played in high school and went on to start the women’s soccer program at Wake Forest University. I have played ever since. I am currently a registered NC Amateur Soccer player, playing on two teams competitively.

What is great about finding my passion in a sport is that it gives me the motivation to stay fit. I have a sprint partner to keep me fast, and a personal trainer who does the same. I have recently taken up tennis to keep me fast offseason. What do you love? If you find what you love, then getting motivated to workout will not be an issue for you.

Many of my students are truly committed to their health, but struggle to get motivated to workout. So, in one case, I created a class for them to work out on the beach. That helped. One of my students loves to dance; she found a tap dance class to enjoy. One of my other students was a dancer for years but injured her knee beyond repair. Now she enjoys explosive workouts that we designed which suit her busy lifestyle and the limited number of minutes in her day.

Do you need help with staying motivated to exercise? Have you discovered an activity that you could become very passionate about? Checkout our classes as a possible resource for a better life for you. We co-create with you.

Many people think that being active is optional. For anyone dealing with Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc., it is not optional. It is mandatory to deal with, and in many cases, reverse the disease.

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