Eat Right–And No Deprivation

Statement by a graduate of our one-on-one health program “I was a self-proclaimed health-nut, so I thought signing up for Beatrice’s plan would be pretty easy.  I had no idea that I had no idea.  The only way to get a firm grip on your health is to examine everything, not just everything you are eating, but everything you are exposed to on a daily basis or over time, that includes things you have already deemed “healthy”.  Beatrice insisted that I didn’t have to give up everything.  Pick the things I love the most and find an alternative path to making them.  It is not the easy path, but in my opinion it is the only path.  I’m not signing up for the “pill-of-the-month” club.  The topic of conversation in any social group these days seems to be what’s wrong with everybody, what hurts, how many drugs are you taking, knee replacements, hip replacements…..NO, not for me.  I don’t want to participate in that, so I better find out why everyone is so sick.  My class with Beatrice ended more than a year ago, but the pursuit of what makes me feel good continues; it will for the rest of my life.”

Heidi knows what she needs to eat and is massively creative with her desserts–her Christmas cookies are to die for and her donuts are out of sight. The photos are from her kitchen and food is her medicine.

Enroll today and make the positive changes with creative help and the science to back it.

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