Eat a Mountain of Veggies-Daily!

Eating veggies and enough of them — can be a challenge. During our amazing trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe, we ate a mountain of veggies every day.  And I lost six pounds and my husband lost seven. The veggies were raw, cooked, in salads, with meat, without meat and all the colors of the rainbow. Since I loved how I felt there, I have decided on a new habit — a daily stir-fry. So far, so good. We bought peppers, zucchini, carrots, onions, garlic, cabbage, and ginger.  We sliced them all at one time. They get stored in my glass containers (plastic leaches endocrine disruptors) and pulled out, cooked in my healthy oil and VOILA — stir-fry to die for. It is quick and easy.  I love the ginger as a spice because it has great anti-inflammatory properties.

This photo was taken at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and the food is really clean. There are no chemicals, no GMO’s, and no MSG. They did not even know what I was asking when I mentioned MSG. MSG is a toxic chemical made in a lab to enhance food flavors and is used extensively in our foods. It is in almost all Asian restaurants. Stay away from this chemical and use natural herbs and spices that nature provides. The meat is grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic free and pure.

How can you eat all the colors of the rainbow each day? Have you found a way to create new habits? What are some  fun ways to eat your veggies?  Do you like smoothies? Do you like soup? Do you like stir-fried veggies? Do you love salads? What do you need to do to consume more veggies in your life?

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