Drink Water, Drink Water, Drink Water!

When I work with my health students, drinking enough water is the top challenge with everyone! We measure the actual water content with each student, so we really know if they are hydrated. Drinking more water is a hard habit to integrate for most of my students, whether they are coming for weight loss, diabetes reversal or cancer support. Our bodies are made of 55%-70% percent water-and it is more than just about drinking water. It is about whether you are hydrated at a cellular level. I read a study that 100% of cancer patients at cancer wards walk in seriously dehydrated.

Pure distilled or filtered water is best, but Kombucha, organic tea and flavored water can make it more interesting. I love flavoring water with organic lemons, grapefruits, cucumbers and other hydrating foods.

Dr. Zack Buch explains real hydration at a cellular level this way, “The obvious thing around hydration is the inflammatory processes. Chronic inflammation is the accumulation of oxidative compounds within our cells and then, ultimately, within the bloodstream. That is largely the result of a lack of interaction of hydrogen that’s within the water system. Water is one of the main carriers of hydrogen. This affects every signaling system in your body, and perhaps most notable, beyond the [cleansing] part, is actual fuel production.

Your cells run on ATP, adenosine triphosphate. ATP is produced by the mitochondria, which look like bacteria, but they live inside your cells. They’re about 100 times smaller than bacteria. These mitochondria take the sugar and fat out of your food system and turn that into ATP. They do that through a series of enzymes. The respiratory chain is a series of enzymes in the wall of the mitochondria that is the one that will ultimately result in the production of ATP.

Interestingly, the F1F0 [ATP synthase] pump, a tiny molecular structure at the end of this enzyme pathway, is what will convert one adenosine diphosphate to one molecule of ATP. That last step requires four hydrogens, two oxygens and two electrons …

When you think about the structure of water, which is going to be a combination of two hydrogen [molecules] for every oxygen [molecule], you basically have two H2O molecules, and their concerted electrons are going to be necessary for that last step of fuel production.

The clinical manifestation of aging and inflammation is ultimately one of the loss of fuel production at the mitochondrial level. As you get dehydrated, as you fail to get oxygen and hydrogen in the form of water inside the cell, you lose the ability for those mitochondria to be cranking out all of that energy … used for cellular repair, replacement and the whole anti-aging effort.”

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