Does Your Fridge Make the Grade?

How does your fridge look? I did not stock this fridge, but I give it the A. There are plenty of foods right from the tree. I see all the colors of the rainbow with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, and I see much food stored in glass. As my health students know, I always give positive feedback for how food can be stored even better.  For the A+, I would replace more of the plastic with glass or stainless steel. For example, the water bottle in the drawer could be replaced with a stainless steel water bottle that does not leach any toxins.

Many plastics contain ethylene oxide –it is odorless, so it is hard to see it as a toxin. Chronic exposure has been linked to breast cancer and leukemia. Vinyl chloride is also present in plastics. High concentrations of these in your body can cause depression, nausea, headaches, liver damage and liver cancer.

I notice Coconut Aminos in this fridge. These are great as a soy replacement. Coconut Aminos offer a similar “pop” in flavor, yet they do not contain genetically modified soy. Soy in America is laced with a chemical that resists the bug killer (round-up). The farmers can spray the whole plant without killing it. This type of genetic tampering is linked to cancer by many scientists around the world. In the USA we label it as a probable carcinogen.

I see the mushrooms are stored in Styrofoam. Why not also use glass here as well? In addition, the blackberries have very thin membranes. They should therefore always be organic and stored in glass.

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