Do You Have Freedom from Food Cravings?

I passed the ultimate test! I survived Hurricane Florence without suffering from food cravings? And I did not gain weight. Is this because my property was not damaged from the hurricane? No. Is this because I have superior self-control? No. Is this because I enjoyed being cooped up indoors for a long period of time? No. So why did I feel completely satisfied with my food plan, and why did I not suffer from food cravings?
Six years ago I started on a journey to get my health back! I have finally succeeded. I did this by discovering the right way to eat for me and learning how to eat in a way that leaves me satisfied. I have stopped my addiction to sugar and carbs. I have learned how to clean out the chemicals from my food, water and products. I know how much protein I need, how many carbs to eat and how to get healthy plant fats into my daily routine. Every person is different and the way every person needs to eat is different.
I have been a pioneer and advocate for one-on-one customized education for over 30 years. It is a fact that you could take a nutrition class and everything that is being said might be wrong for you. This is why I offer one-on-one customized, individualized food & lifestyle classes. A former student of mine said “A year after I graduated from Beatrice Hair’s program, I don’t crave sweets at all, even chocolate. But if I do, right now in my freezer I have made: homemade fudgesicles, watermelon slushies, Beatrice’s Choconutballs, homemade peanut butter cups & peach ice cream. Really, they tend to not get eaten quickly, because I dropped the story I was telling myself about food. Food doesn’t make you happy. My husband is making my birthday cake next week and it will not contain milk, sugar, eggs, wheat– and it will be delicious.”
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