Do it. Move it. Shake it. Lift it.

This is me doing the shoulder-stand on the beach.  I could talk about the importance of inverted poses or yoga, but I have a more important point.  Only 20% of Americans get enough exercise!! That is alarming. Walking is good activity, but I am talking about exercise.  Real heart rate elevation, sweat, strain, weights and maybe even a high intensity interval workout!

Everyone is different, so that is why no one has the exact same interest in all of the same workouts. What works for one of my students does not work for another.  But whatever your preferences are, do it. Move it. Shake it. Run it. Lift it.

A great workout routine helps with blood sugar control, disease management, stress management, better sleep, better mood, and it has no side effects like a pill. If you have been sedentary for a while, start slowly and add minutes and intensity gradually.

I used to think I was a runner, and then learned as I got wiser, that I am a sprinter. Out went most of the road races and in came soccer sprints, hill runs, interval training, cross-fit, and even explosion on the same old things that I had been doing. You can do jumping -jacks slowly or you can explode and do them as fast as you can.

I have found that for my students with careers who raise children, it is vital to build in the short, intense workouts that can be done on the run. I have also found that my retired students tend to like community and a sense of belonging when they build in their exercise routine. If you need help with designing your customized plan, I have a degree in Health and Sports Science from Wake Forest University and would love to help you individually with our unique program.

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