Come to Beach Yoga

Join us at Sellers St. Beach Access, Oak Island 6:30 on Thursdays-$10.00 goes to Hospice. Bring a sheet and water. We are offering this class July and August. Thank you Shannon Miller for teaching this amazing class! Everyone loves it. This week we had a warm breeze, the sound of the waves and the seagulls calling!

Yoga has helped me stay calm since I was a child. My grandmother  brought me a record YOGA WITH ANNE, which I did in the living room with my brothers teasing me. This was when we were Americans living overseas.  Interestingly, I have ended up living in the same town with Anne and taking her classes in person. Yoga is a great stretch, a time to take a pause, and it is meditation.

Look back at the Blue Zones blog-people that grow old and happy take a pause–a deep breath or a moment  for consciousness. Yoga  is a pause from our long to-do list, which is never ending. It is a mental break.

“Santosha, or the practice of contentment, is the ability to feel satisfied within the container of one’s immediate experience. Contentment shouldn’t be confused with happiness, for we can be in difficult, even painful circumstances and still find some semblance of contentment if we are able to see things as they are without the conflicted pull of our expectations. Contentment also should not be confused with complacency, in which we allow ourselves to stagnate in our growth. Rather it is a sign that we are at peace with whatever stage of growth we are in and the circumstances we find ourselves in. May we practice patience and attempt to live as best we can within our situation until we are able to better our condition”.~Farhi~               #love #loveeverything #yoga #yoganidra #intention #sankalpa #beachyoga #saltlife #breath #breeze #oakislandnc #southportnc #wilmingtonnc #wrightsvillebeachnc

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