Can you really fight disease with lifestyle?

Can you really fight disease with a healthy lifestyle? Or is the solution to disease in a simple pill. Did not taking a pill cause Type 2 Diabetes? Or did poor lifestyle cause Type 2 Diabetes? Did not taking enough chemotherapy cause cancer? Or did genetics and your lifestyle combine to cause cancer?  Is someone obese because of not taking medicine? Or is obesity because of poor lifestyle, accumulated toxins and nutritional deficiencies?

Only you can answer the questions about yourself, because every person is completely different. But studies show that 100 percent of cancer patients at a major hospital were dehydrated when they checked in. And, in my experience of working with my health habits students–cancer students are dehydrated. So could not drinking enough water contribute to cancer? Drinking enough water, eating enough nutrients and avoiding environmental toxins in our homes are lifestyle choices. How are you doing? Most people that do get a disease actually think they are eating healthy. But are they? Have they put in the energy, creativity and time in designing customized food plans and healthy lifestyle choices? Sure, this is hard work, and taking a pill is easy. However, is the solution to disease taking a pill or revamping the lifestyle that caused the disease to materialize.

I love my one-on-one work with my health habits students. Today, my weight loss student continues to lose weight. And, even though it is July, we are already planning the menu for Thanksgiving. Why not plan ahead and head off the sugar disaster of the winter holidays before they start?

Today I spent time on a farm. I do not own a farm, but I have found farmers that I trust. They do not use chemicals. Their honey is great. Their veggies are delicious and their blueberries are amazing. I even get water from their spring. Have you visited a trusted farmer lately? Build that loving relationship with your food! # reversing Type 2 Diabetes #reversing disease #healthy lifestyle #health