Are You Vegan and Do You Want to Go Keto?

Are You Vegan and Do You Want to Go Keto? And why would you want to? Being vegan often happens because a person does not want to eat animals, or they do not digest meat well. Eating meat can be hard on the digestive track and breaking down animal fats can be a challenge. Eating vegan makes sense to many people for a variety of reasons. However, often eating vegan means the carb addiction can go un-checked and weight can be gained. What is the solution? The solution is going keto and eating vegan.
The challenge of going vegan and eating keto is how to get enough protein. If you are interested in learning how to do this, check out our classes and request the weight loss package-and being keto/vegan.
Today you can see three items prepared in my kitchen for keto/vegan eating. The Chocolate/Mint Protein Balls are loaded with good fats and are made with a great plant based protein. The Chocolate Coconut Bark is an excellent fat bomb, and the Cashew Yogurt Parfait is loaded with both good proteins and fats. Remember, every person’s eating plan is complete individual. Even parents and children often need to eat differently. Spouses often have different dietary needs as well.
Eating keto/vegan while being sugar free, egg free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, corn free and organic is an amazing and wonderful way to go. Why would you want to? Because many of the modern diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, early on-set of Cognitive Decline are all related to health and lifestyle choices and somehow not getting it just right. Eating and exercising just right for you means you will be healthy, disease free, and carrying a healthy body weight. To learn more check out #vegan #keto #vegan/keto #organic eating # glutenfree #GMOfree #reversingtype2diabetes #healthylifestyle

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