Are You 100% Committed to Your Health?

What is Your Commitment Level to Your Health?

I was enjoying dinner with one of my graduates of the Body Wisdom program, and she shared that what I taught her is how to be committed to her health  — 100%. Her commitment level is equal to her health level.  She learned that you do not need cheat days if you are committed to creating desserts in your kitchen, or finding your favorite foods that are made without sugar, chemicals, bad oils, GMO’s, MSG, etc.

I enjoyed speaking to another one of my graduates today as we celebrated her birthday. She graduated last year and her commitment level is 70%. She has reversed her Type 2 Diabetes. The 70% commitment has entailed that she take the Metformin again, but her overall health, vitality and happiness about her health is good. She was on many drugs before. What is your commitment level to your health?

Many people want to give a 20% commitment to their health and expect to be 100% healthy. My theory is that this only works when you are very young. The natural aging process of going downhill has required a 100% commitment from me.  I love the life this commitment has given me. I feel better in my 50s than I did in my 30s. Since I had a degree in Health Science I thought I was healthy, but I was not.

The photo was taken at a restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. We visit often and this restaurant is 100 percent organic, does not use GMOs, sugar, and is free of chemicals. Do you have a restaurant in your community that offers this? What can you do about it? The American way is to vote with our dollars. I am eating gluten free, dairy free pizza. The cheese substitute was made with macadamia nuts. It was GOOD!!

Enroll today  and try out a 100 percent commitment for 8 weeks. Let’s see what happens.

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