Are American Children Malnourished?

Today, at my business, I worked with a 5 year old whose regular snack  consisted of over 88 grams of sugar. That is about 21 teaspoons of sugar in just one snack. This child had an abscessed tooth last week and is now being evaluated for autism. Is he autistic or simply malnourished? I wonder if the lab work of this well-to-do American child and the lab work of a poor child from a third world country were compared, who would be more malnourished? Who would have a lower vitamin B-12 level? Vitamin C level? Vitamin D level? A lower liver function? A weaker immune system?

America, you are in a crisis and do not even know it. Stop eating sugar all day. Stop feeding your little ones so much sugar. They count on you to educate yourself about nutrition, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fiber, good fats, and proper proteins. Stop the madness! Stop feeding them “foods” made with non-food ingredients.

I am a nationally recognized and awarded educator. I had my eyes opened 7 years ago about our food crisis, and now I help people eat beautifully, with no deprivation. It is all about being very creative and scientific at the same time. I have a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Writing and have written our unique programs to address this disaster. I have been teaching for 32 years and have undergraduate degrees from Wake Forest University in both Education and Health & Sports Science.

The photo above is a vegetable soup. There are millions of creative ways to eat veggies; soup is one of them. Use a veggie broth if you are vegan. Use a bone broth as a great source of protein. There are thousands of combinations of veggies that work beautifully.

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