Activity is not Exercise

As one of my cancer student graduates recently said-“If you do not exercise, you are going to die!” She was struggling to find a way to make exercise an essential part of her daily routine. She finally found pool exercise classes, and that works for her!!

Have you discovered yet what you love? Is it important for you to find a workout buddy? What will it take to build exercise into your daily routine?

Walking is ok, but here is a big difference between activity and exercise. Exercise should be a challenge-get breathless, get sweaty, and really feel it. Challenge yourself!!

Are you building your muscle mass? This is crucial for your metabolism to work properly!! This prevents obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and much more.

The percentage of people who are overweight in Asia is 24.2. The percentage of overweight people in the world is 34.7. The percentage of people who are overweight in America is 73.9!!! What? We have a problem in America. Are you a part of that problem? Let’s work on a solution with our customized, one-on-one classes.

Eat the colors of the rainbow and eat from the tree. Avoid processed foods and foods sprayed with insecticides. Eat clean meat and fish. Make a plan now to enjoy health for the long term.

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