Month: September 2018

Winter Weight- Winter Blues

DSC 0851 2 150x150 - Winter Weight- Winter Blues

So, summer is over and now starts the vicious cycle of gaining weight over the winter, right? How about making a plan to prevent this? There are many reasons why this happened to me for years. I did not sweat

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Do You Have Freedom from Food Cravings?

DSC 0744 150x150 - Do You Have Freedom from Food Cravings?

I passed the ultimate test! I survived Hurricane Florence without suffering from food cravings? And I did not gain weight. Is this because my property was not damaged from the hurricane? No. Is this because I have superior self-control? No.

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Lemon Mousse-Sugar Free/Dairy Free

lemon mousse 150x150 - Lemon Mousse-Sugar Free/Dairy Free

Tonight I met two people– a couple that was not well. One will need heart surgery if weight is not lost and one is diabetic. They expressed interest in my program, but are very concerned because they have a sweet

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Yoga on the Beach -September 13th

DSC 0633 1 150x150 - Yoga on the Beach -September 13th

Yoga  on the Beach — last class of the season on Sellers Street at 6:30 PM. We have raised $450.00 of Hospice. Bring your beach towel, $10.00 for Hospice and your self-love. See you September 13th! Yoga helps your body

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