Month: June 2018

What is transformation, really? Is it possible with Type 2 Diabetes?  

Breakdowns are the possibilities for breakthoughts

What is transformation, really? Is it possible with Type 2 Diabetes?   There is so much mediocrity and lack of excellence in so many aspects of our culture, yet there is always this one area where anything is possible.  It

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How do I eat toxin free?

Toxin free, gluten free, sugar free cupcake

How I eat! Depending on where you live, you might be able to eat out often. I live in two communities in the South-in-land and at the coast. Neither community has an organic restaurant, so the decision to cook is

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Is your Community Healthy? What Can You Do?

Eating Right from the Tree

How Healthy is your Community?   I have spent the last 31 years of my career creating, copyrighting and trademarking my techniques for modifying habits on a one-on-one individual and customized basis. However, there is evidence that when it comes

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Why Do Some People Live Amazing Lives Right Up to 120 Years Old

Organic Farm

Blue Zones Recently a National Geographic scientist and social/behavioral analyst was hired to discover why there are certain “blue zones” in the world where people live to be 120 and then die quickly straight from living active and amazing lives.

Plan to Stay Fit While You Travel

Exercise and movement   If I were queen for a day, I would rule that everything I am stating in this blog would be common sense for 100% of our population.  Only 20% of Americans get the exercise and movement

Yoga on the beach

IMG 3667 150x150 - Yoga on the beach

COME JOIN BEACH YOGA There are many components of fitness. Stamina involves aerobic activities, strength involves being able to lift heavy weights and flexibility involves stretching and range of motion. I am a NC registered Amateur Adult Soccer player. I

How do you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

IMG 3599 150x150 - How do you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

How do you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?  You heal with a customized eating plan and no deprivation. Deprivation does not work. Replacements are fun to find and sugar must be replaced. Sugar kills. My simplified explanation of how sugar kills