100% Organic Stores is a Reality

100% Organic Grocery Stores—a Reality!


We traveled to Germany last week and discovered 100% wall-to-wall organic grocery stores. Yes, this is a reality in other countries. I love being American, I am proud of being American and I love the USA. However, shopping in the USA for all organic food is not yet possible in one store. I cannot eat 75% of what our health food stores offer, because they contain sugar, canola oil, gluten and so many items that are toxic to me. Even large chain stores such as Whole Foods and Earth Fare keep me reading labels and on guard!

I believe that we can vote with our dollars. Keep buying organic food and our stores will keep providing it. If you have the chance, get to know a local farmer, talk to them and ask them for what you need. Then support them by buying from directly from them. I know change takes time. I started my clean living 7 years ago and it is so much easier to find more options in stores now!

On the subject of “everything takes time”–One of my Type 2 diabetic/obese students started my one-on-one class a few weeks ago. I have been coaching her about how to expect results this time next year. The road to healing in a bumpy one, not a straight line. I use the farmer analogy; today we reap the seeds we planted last year and next year we will reap the seeds we are planting now. Healing and change takes time so stay the course.

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